Friends of The Deanes School

A Designated  Sports College

Scholarships and Training weather conditions

We try hard to facilitate training opportunities for our students that will help them build careers for themselves after they graduate. For those pupils who have the necessary sporting ability, we try to get them trials with professional teams. We have ties with the youth academies of all the best football, rugby and cricket clubs in the county. We also try to get the kids who have an interest in physical fitness into the health and fitness industry.

We do this via scholarships. We have a sports massage scholarship program setup with the Institute of Sport and Remedial Massage, a gym instructor course scholarship arrangement in place with Discovery UK, and a childhood obesity training course option available from Health Hub Ltd. These commercial entities are willing to grant free training to a limited number of pupils each year, with admittance at the school’s discretion and based only on ability and desire to learn.


We are the Friends of The Deanes School. That sounds a bit vague I know, so let us explain in more detail who we are and what we do. Basically we are boosters. We approach people and convince them to give us funding to help the school’s sporting activities. This funding goes towards buying new sports equipment, and the travel costs of the school’s junior teams as they travel around the country competing against teams from other schools.

NATIONAL FINALS here we come 

Deanes Trampolining Squad

  • U15’s – 1st Place
  • U13’s – 2nd Place
  • U13’s Group – 2nd Place

ll 5 girls entered in the 2nd stage (Zonal) of the B.S.G.A Schools Trampolining competition qualified for the final stage – The Nationals!!

Very well done to the squad & Ms Bennett & Ms Hampstead

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